Our focus for orphan girls is secondary education for a number of reasons.  It's where we see the most drop off in our girls and where we can make the most impact.  If we can help girls to learn critical life skills and basic education, they will have a better chance of tackling the outside world.

Additionally, we take a holistic approach and address the question as to what she needs to learn.  Most of these girls have experienced extreme trauma and we believe it’s important to address her mind, body and soul.

Holistic Support: 

We provide our partner institutions with funding for basic education and supplies, room and board.

C2C maintains a boutique feel by working only with carefully selected partners who rescue and rehabilitate at-risk girls.  By investing in these organizations and providing them with adequate resources, C2C increase the quality of the secondary education the girls receive.  Providing funding for basic education, academic supplies, room and board allows the organizations to focus on educational programming, operate more efficiently and create a better community for the girls to grow in.

$250 covers the basic education, supplies, room and board costs for 1 girl for an entire year.

C2C Tech Lab

The C2C tech lab is a 10-week intensive, technology-focused program led by San Francisco filmmaker, Nawneet Ranjan.   It utilizes progressive education, digital literacy and mobile application entrepreneurship to build literacy and coding skills.  The current tech lab is based off of Dharavi Diary, Nawneet’s pet project pioneered in one of the world’s largest slums where girls aged 10-18 came together to break the cycle of poverty and won the 2016 Google Rise Award.

The C2C Tech Lab breaks the assumption of learning & teaching using a hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) methodology for personal and professional growth. This encourages girls know their strengths, weaknesses, leadership skills and enhance their creative problem solving and teamwork skills.


The Benefits:

•       Enables students develop the ability to communicate in English effectively and present with confidence.

•       Helps students organize their ideas logically and to present appropriately in various communication situations.

•       Develop students’ academic skills such as oral presentations, extempore speech, debate, etc.

•       Encourage collaborative teamwork to solve community problems.

•       Teach important technology skills to the students that will lead to future jobs.

$500 covers 1 girl to participate in the tech program for an entire year.

Tutoring Program: 

The Tutoring Program was implemented in 2013 to help girls stay in school past the 10th grade, the most crucial threshold to their academic success. Many of the children we work with come from a background of abuse, prostitution, rape and loss and suffer from deep depression. Living through these hardships has resulted in a lack of both skill and interest in key subjects including English, Math and Science leading to the large drop-off.  In addition, as education was usually not emphasized in their home environments these girls are predominantly illiterate and are studying at levels well below their age range.

Conflating this issue is the dearth of teachers in India. Teacher shortage is a huge problem for India; according to a 2015 report by the UNESCO, 74 countries face an acute teacher shortage and while Nigeria tops this list, India is second in terms of teacher recruitment required to meet the current education demand

In some efforts to quickly increase the number of teachers in the system, quality is being compromised. The Annual Status of Education Report in rural schools found declining levels of achievement, with more than half of children in grade five – aged around 10 – unable to read second grade level text.

Our goal is to bridge this gap by supplementing the curriculum with tutors and teachers trained in English, Science and Math, as education is crucial to the professional and personal development of the child. The tutors work with the girls on a daily basis in small group settings in order to provide individualized attention and training based on the individual’s aptitude.

$100 covers 1 girl to participate in the tutors program for an entire year.